This page contains information on commissioning a piece of art from me – i.e., asking me to draw or paint a subject of your choosing.

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When people ask for a commission, I consider it a great honor. Someone has seen my work, enjoys the style of it, and wants to see that perspective applied to a beloved subject of theirs. It’s an exciting, engaging process for both of us.

What do I need?

You will need to send me a few photos of the subject. The best photos are the highest resolution, taken without flash, and not blurry. You should send me what you have and I can tell you whether it will work or not. Most likely, it will be fine. Of course, if you are in the Wake Forest area, I would be happy to come take photos myself.

You will also have to verify that you own the copyright of the photos. I cannot draw from professional photos, that would be stealing.


What does it cost?

Artwork Size Usual Frame Size* Cost
5in x 7in 8in x 10in $70
8in x 10in 11in x 14in $160
11in x14in 16in x 20in $300
  • My prices are based on the artwork size (price per square inch + materials).
  • * The “usual frame size” is there just to give you an idea. I do not mat and frame commission work – that is for you to personalize.
  • If you want something larger than 11in x 14in, contact me and we’ll discuss it.

What’s the process?

You send me the photos. We chat about what you want in the painting, the personality of the subject, and the sizing details. You send me half the final price as a deposit. I do some preliminary work and send it electronically to you for approval. I finish up the portrait and email you a photo of it. You send me the second half of your payment. I ship you the portrait, giving you a tracking number.


Send me an email and let’s have a chat.