Race you to the top! Remember those carefree days of silly games? We raced just because it felt good to run – where did those days go? I’m happy to say this painting found its way home last month. For those readers that are on instagram, I now have a […]

Top of the Hill

Breezy Sunrise Acrylic Painting 2
I was talking with a friend about the beach the other day. We both said that we preferred the beach when no one else was there, when it was just you, the water and the sun. We both felt that being alone on the beach made it more calming. This […]

Breezy Sunrise

    My investigation into using acrylic ink and cling wrap on paper continues. These pieces are fun to do. They are more like sculpture than painting,  as I carve away to reveal an image. This piece is matted out to 8in x 10in for a standard frame. It is […]

The Fight of Flowers

To achieve growth in the garden, and in life, you have to get a bit dirty first. Whether you start with a seed or a small plant, you have to dig into the earth first. Then there is the watering. And the waiting. Being patient, trusting there is growth and […]

Growth is Messy

So, I was driving to meet a friend and walk in a local park, my thoughts meandering. Then, just outside the window I saw the most beautiful tree perched on the edge of steep drive. It was in full bloom, an early beauty shining before most of the trees had […]

Just Had to Paint It