Storms can have such power. You can forget how small our place is here until you hear a big crack of thunder and everything shakes. Then you remember. It’s not such a bad thing to be reminded that we don’t control everything. Sometimes, we need to just wait and see […]

Dark and Stormy Night

Earlier this year I was pleased to find out that this piece was selected for the 9th annual Cary Gallery of Artists’ Small Treasures Show. I was told that there were about 120 pieces submitted, with 33 being chosen in the end. In some ways, this piece is very simple, […]

Blustery Day

As a child I ran around my parents’ orange groves with my brother and our friends. We would create little make-believe areas. Some trees were our frontier homes. Some areas were cities and we were spies. We thought no one could see us and all we could see was what […]

Secret Playhouse

Life gets tangled. There are thorns on the paths of life. When I am in the midst of one of those prickly places, it is important for me to remember to look up, to look beyond where I am at. So often there is light and hope, just over the […]

Light Beyond the Hedges

Sometimes in life there is a path you know you need to take. You can’t see where it goes, can’t articulate why you feel you need to take it, and yet, all the same, you are convinced. This has happened to me  a few times – and I have ended […]

Around the Corner

Right outside my window just now was a goldfinch, eating the seeds from a liquid amber tree. It reminds of years past when I kept my camera handy for moments just like that. I have drawn and painted a number of goldfinch over the years. Now there is a bluebird […]

Checking In