About the Art

Tools of the Trade copyright 2013 Rose Welty

Tools of the Trade
copyright 2013 Rose Welty

My earliest memories in childhood are of my uncle’s paintings and drawings on the walls of my parents’ home. I remember staring at them for hours, following the lines, imagining his gestures, and just looking. He was a master of pen and ink and deft with a brush. Staring at his work, I always felt there was more to see, the harder I looked, the more I found there was to see.

I’m still hooked on that desire to communicate without words – so much can be expressed without words.

People often ask, “How do you decide what to paint?”

For me, it is a line. An unusual line attracts me first. In my mind, I see that line spread out into a shape. Then I start thinking about making that shape with a stroke of the brush.

That’s where I’m pulled into a piece and begin painting it.

Seeing a beautiful, unique line that blends into a shape, and translating it into paint,  makes for me all the joy and magic of painting.

I have been online for many years – you can see some of my earlier work, dating back to 2007 on Rose’s Art Lines.