Studio Expansion: Before Pics! 6

My studio is in the landing at the top of the stairs. If we were selling the house, we’d call it a loft. It was five feet wide, with a built in desk/shelving area. (And, to be honest, I cleaned out several cabinets and drawers that were along the half height wall before I took this picture.) You can guess that it was squishy.  

View of the studio at the top of the stairs before construction.

This is a shot of our living room before construction began. It was very nice and open and we were concerned about losing the lightness and airyness of the room.

View of our living room from the ground floor before construction began.

The third before picture is a view looking down from the top of the stairs. You can see the nice trim and beautiful light that came through the windows.

View down from the top of the stairs into the living room before construction.

The main goal in doing this remodel was to add an additional bedroom where our previous two-story ceiling was. So, we added a floor across the space:

The new floor support has been put in here.

This is the new bedroom and studio space. You can clearly see that the studio has grown by 2.5 feet. I have big plans for those 2.5 feet! 

Extended studio space and new bedroom, sans drywall.

And finally, with the new wall in place.


New studio extension and drywall up on bedroom.

Up next I will have some after shots for you – painting, new flooring, etc. We very happy with how all of our new spaces have turned out. We haven’t lost light or air – we’ve gained them as well as additional space.

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