A Bright Shiny New Year 3

Joyner Park, January 2016

Joyner Park, January 2016

Here we are, well under way into 2016. I’ve been reading about so many plans from artists about what they are doing in this bright, shiny new year. It’s inspiring to know there are others out there, working hard to be the best they can be.

That is what I intend to do this year, work hard to be the best that I can at the things that I spend my time doing. So, what can you look forward to from me this year?

  • Landscape – I am expanding into the landscape genre this year. I still love birds, but I am ready to spread my wings in a new direction. 🙂 Pun completely intended.
  • Consistency – I plan to be blogging twice a month, emailing a newsletter once a month, and sending out a postcard once a quarter. You will see my new artwork, hear about events where I’ll be painting, and get a greater understanding of what happens in the studio. You can subscribe to the blog here, join the newsletter over here, and send me an email with your snail mail address to get on my postcard mailing list.
  • New presentation – In addition to the landscape work, I am working out new ways to present my watercolors. I’m hoping to stand out a bit from the many talented watercolorists in my area. More to come!

Above is a photo from one of my first landscape reference photo shoots! I went to a local park and walked around in 25 degree (F) weather. It was quite nippy and I thought I’d be alone, but I found many avid walkers and runners about.

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