Flexibility and Contentment 2

©2015 Rose Welty, “Yoga Master”, watercolor 21in x14in

©2015 Rose Welty, “Yoga Master”, watercolor 21in x14in

This scarlet ibis stood there, quite content, preening, at the Sylvan Height Bird Park. Birds have such balance – resting on one leg and flexibility – reaching everything with their beaks. This is, of course, necessary – their arms are not so useful for picking things up as our arms. Our heads cannot twist to our backs,  but usually our arms can.

I do wish that I could master that standing on one leg trick. If you’ve ever tried Wii Fitness you know they have a balance section. When I have done it, the Wii is quite aggressive and mocking in it’s assessment of my ability to stay balanced. It guesses my age as about double reality. I can hear the voice now, “Do you trip often when you are walking?”

I hope this bird inspires contentedness and peace wherever it goes – perhaps flexibility is a large part of it. 🙂

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