Traffic in the sun of Lima, Peru


Traffic in the Sun, Lima, Peru

Wandering around in a dream world is generally discouraged Р rightly so.

But this is where the artist comes in – we get to convey the world as we dream it to be. ¬†Above is a scene I found in Lima, Peru with Google Street View. You can see the actual Google image here. (I only just noticed that to the right a man is climbing off? a roof – surely he isn’t climbing on.)

The Virtual Paintout is in Lima for October – this is a fun project, don’t hesitate to join in.

One last thing, by way of encouragement. Yesterday I was scared to start this – I was terrified that in painting it I would fall short of what was in my head. Alyson Stanfield posted a little challenge about pushing yourself to be uncomfortable. She is so right – be sure to read her article and then push on. I’m so glad I did.

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