Work In Progress 2
  As I said last time, I am branching out into landscape this year. This brightly lit autumn pathway is my first challenge.  I think this is iteration 5 or 6. When I took the reference photo on Thanksgiving, I was immediately drawn to the bright yellow trees and the […]

Getting the Idea Right

Joyner Park, January 2016 3
Here we are, well under way into 2016. I’ve been reading about so many plans from artists about what they are doing in this bright, shiny new year. It’s inspiring to know there are others out there, working hard to be the best they can be. That is what I […]

A Bright Shiny New Year

©2015 Rose Welty, “Yoga Master”, watercolor 21in x14in 2
This scarlet ibis stood there, quite content, preening, at the Sylvan Height Bird Park. Birds have such balance – resting on one leg and flexibility – reaching everything with their beaks. This is, of course, necessary – their arms are not so useful for picking things up as our arms. […]

Flexibility and Contentment

©2015 Rose Welty, "Meet You Around Back", watercolor 5in x7in 2
We are in that sweet spot weather-wise in North Carolina. Our days are cool without being cold and warm without being hot. We have bright sunshine and clear blue skies. (All of that sounds very every day in San Diego, apart from the bright sunshine. They are predicting a very […]

What do you do on beautiful autumn days?

©Rose Welty, “Surround Sound”, watercolor 14in x 14in
Today I thought I’d share the story behind my recent painting, “Surround Sound”. This bird is a black-necked stilt. They are very common on American coastlines. They are black and white in feather color and have relatively long red pink legs. I watched this one as it pranced around Sylvan […]

The Story of “Surround Sound”

©Rose Welty, “Freedom to Move”, watercolor 19.5in x 13.5in 2
Met up with a few other artists recently. We did a little show and tell. We have done this on and off over recent months. I was struck by how far one of the artists has come in her work. The other has developed an entirely new business line that […]

Artist Meet Up