Sick Day

pencil sketch of boy asleep
My Son Asleep – drawn from life

So this guy was home sick from church on Sunday. My poor sons – they feel miserable and their nurse jumps at the chance to draw them while they are still.

Every family has to bear their burdens, I suppose! (He is feeling better now.)

What did you do with your snow day?

Watercolor of Red Tailed Hawk
Young Red Tailed Hawk – work in progress – copyright Rose Welty

I do realize that most of the world did not have a snow day yesterday – but, in my neck of the woods it’s a common question. And, it hasn’t been just one snow day, but yesterday we woke up to 7 inches of snow on the ground!

My kids, of course, have been out playing in it. So, in between loads of laundry, I worked on a new painting of a hawk. Above you a little snapshot – more once I finish it. This is a large painting, my largest so far, at 18in x 27in.

Looking to the Past

Fruit from the fruit bowl – sketched live while watching a family movie.

There was a recent Facebook meme that had artists posting 3 paintings a day for 5 days in a row. For my part, I decided to have a look through the past – it was a great exercise to look back at what I have done in the last 10 years.

Sketch of my mom reading – done from life – this is one of the first live sketches I did that does resemble the person somewhat

Today I thought I would share with you 3 sketches I selected – all done in 2008. During that period in my life I sketched every day for at least 15 minutes a day, usually more than that. I would love to get back into that habit – my posting it here on the blog is a way to try and keep myself accountable to it!

A copy of Degas’ drawing of Manet – I have learned a ton over the years from copying Degas and Sargent drawings.



Setting my sights


watercolor male and female cardinal
copyright 2014 Rose Welty

As I sit here curled up with my tablet, I am planning a new series. I really enjoyed my recent series through NC birds. I hope to do another series of them, but this time in a larger format. The last series was all 5x7s, for our small works holiday show. This time I plan to do several 11×14 or 12×15. I’m quite excited – I’ll be incorporating more environment and playing more with line, shape and color.

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My Favorite Colors

Tufted Titmouse copyright Rose Welty
Tufted Titmouse in watercolor copyright Rose Welty

This little beauty is one of the birds hanging in my show at Wake Forest Art and Frame. I’ll let you in on one of my secrets  – these are 3 of my favorite colors to paint with. Paynes Grey is the dark one. It is nearly black at full strength but moves quickly to blues with dilution. Cobalt Teal is the bright cheery background. I just love the way it granulates. The rust color is just a nice warm counterpoint to the other two colors. It has that steady, quiet influence that brings the whole family together!


Much to Celebrate, Learn, and Anticipate!

Another year gone by! They do seem to fly by as we concentrate on the details. It’s always nice to look back, consider and look ahead as we ring in the new year…


  • Selling Locally – 2014 was my first year with offline sales
  • Tour of Artists – I got to meet a great number of local art fans
  • Sales – I sold more paintings and notecards then I expected!


  • Juggling - it is difficult to maintain several online and offline presences. My blog here has suffered and I hope to change that trend in the new year. I am backing away from social media to create the time.
  • Sketchbook - I began documenting my process through paintings and series in a sketchbook this year and plan to continue this.


  • Local Sales – Changes are in the making, but I will continue to expand my local presence.
  • Online - I look forward to getting back to the joy of blogging and interacting electronically through emails and comments.

Sketching Out the Process


Last time I mentioned that for my new series I am recording the making of each piece in a sketchbook. Today I thought I’d show you a few pages of the book. If you read the text you get a sense of the thoughts going through my head as I make decisions about colors, composition, values, etc.


Below is the last sketch – then I moved on to the final piece.